Top 5 cool things to do in Dubrovnik

Thinking about taking a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia, but you’re afraid there aren’t enough cool things to do in Dubrovnik? If you think Dubrovnik is just some good seaside picture and the location of Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing, think twice! (or don’t think at all, you just need to keep on reading 😉 

We have everything you need to fill your days here in Dubrovnik with excitement and experiences you’ll never forget, so worry no more and enjoy your time in our beautiful city! Here’s our TOP 5 cool things to do in Dubrovnik:

1. Play an unforgettable game @ Dubrovnik Escape Room

2. For an unbeatable adrenaline rush, go cliff jumping

3. Do one of the many water sports offered

4. Do a different kind of tour, haunted tour 

5. Rent a boat & have an amazing day exploring the nearby caves & bays (no crowds guaranteed! )

6. Have a picnic  with amazing views!

Top cool things to do in Dubrovnik:

1. Unforgettable game – Dubrovnik Escape Room 

cool thing to do Dubrovnik escape room

cool thing to do Dubrovnik escape room

Whether you’re an experienced player or you don’t have the slightest clue what an escape room is, you need to make time during your stay in Dubrovnik to go and play at Dubrovnik Escape Room. The amazing staff there will help you (or not, you decide how hardcore you want to play the game :)) every step of the way while you play one of the two cool themes available.

You can decide to be part of the King’s Guards in a GOT-flavoured room both fans and non-fans will appreciate (no prior knowledge needed to solve puzzles) and set off on the intriguing quest to find the wildfire, or explore Dubrovnik’s past in search of its long lost treasure (it’s an historically accurate game, you can play and learn simultaneously, what’s cooler than that?!).

Check your Dubrovnik vacation schedule, save some room and book your adventure now!

2. Cliff Jumping

Dubrovnik Cliff Jumping

Dubrovnik Cliff Jumping

Okay, if this isn’t cool straight out of the title, nothing will ever be. It’s like this was in the top 5 cool things to do in Dubrovnik even before there even was a top 5.
You might not know this, but Dubrovnik is home to some great spots for cliff jumping. One of them is a little tricky to reach, but you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you how to experience the jump of a lifetime here in Dubrovnik. (just be sure you know how to cliff jump or it might be the LAST jump of a lifetime)

You’ll have to follow directions for Buza Bar (not the main one but its smaller brother): here’s a quick guide for non-croatians spending their time in Dubrovnik. You ask “Gdje je Buza Bar?”. In response you might receive one of the following three: “ravno” means straight, “desno” means right and “lijevo” means left. Just keep bothering people on the street and you’ll get there ;).
There you will find cold drinks (everybody deserves a break, even cliff jumpers) and two different possibilities to throw yourself recklessly into the crystal clear Adriatic sea: a cool 7 meter jump for the more considerate, and a crazy 18 meter fall for those who really have nothing to lose or someone they care about.

If this doesn’t fit into your cool-time in Dubrovnik timetable we clearly have different definitions of cool(shrugging emoji).

3. Water sports

Dubrovnik cool things to do water sports

Dubrovnik cool things to do water sports

You have seen Dubrovnik’s Old Town from Srdj hill, walked along the Stradun and on top of the City Walls. There are really no more cool things to do in Dubrovnik around the Old Town… or are there?

Well, you could always decide to waterski or wakeboard right in front of the Walls, ride a speedboat, flyboard, kayak or even parasail just above the Old Town… but hey, who cares about those lame activities right?

If you, like all of us, happen to think that those are some seriously cool options you just HAVE to be a part of, visit our friends at dubrovnik-watersports.com and book a place now! (You can also just walk straight to their stand in Banje beach)

PS: There are also panoramic rides and boats for rent, for the less adventurous of us and those tired from all the other cool things to do in Dubrovnik we’ve told you about!

4. The Haunted Tour

Dubrovnik Haunted TOur

Dubrovnik Haunted TOur

A midnight rendez-vous in an old graveyard just out of town sounds cool enough? For those of you who cannot believe Nightmare before Christmas is more than 25 years old, ghost stories and dark legends of curses, forbidden love affairs and murders are waiting for you in Dubrovnik!

A master storyteller will let you in on all the myths and folklore beliefs from Dubrovnik’s dark past, all of this while enjoying a night-time walking tour just outside of town, so you can chill from all the heat of daytime…and shiver in fear for all the horrors you’ll be told of!

Check out the cool website of our spooky friends at www.haunted-dubrovnik.com and start having nightmares now!

5. Rent a boat

Dubrovnik boat tour

Dubrovnik boat tour

Rent a boat for a day and have an amazing time exploring the nearby islands and bays. With a full time skipper at your hand, you have nothing to worry about but just enjoy the crystal clear sea, beautiful bays void of people. We promise, this is a sure way to escape Dubrovnik crowds and have the best time with friends! We recommend a full day trip to Elaphiti islands, with a pit stop to visit the blue cave. 

6. Picnic

Dubrovnik piknik with a view.

Dubrovnik piknik with a view.

We’ve told you about cool brain-teasing games and puzzles, haunted tours, cliff jumping and parasailing, but sometimes the coolest thing to do in Dubrovnik is to just relax and gaze at the stunning view. And what better way than to have a wonderful picnic in the shade with someone you care about (or alone, you should treat yourself sometimes). Dubrovnik has plenty of picnic places that are just waiting for you!

You don’t have to spend tons of money in some restaurant and waste your time in line waiting for a table! Pack your bag, buy some good local wine and just find the perfect spot for you. We recommend Lokrum island, but look out for bunnies that might be hungrier than cute, or Srdj, same advice as for Lokrum but replace bunnies with donkeys and horses (cute emojis of bunnies and donkeys?).

Maybe the coolest thing of all about picnics is that you don’t have to book anywhere, so there will be no links here, just a cute picture to set your picnicking mood just right!

If you don’t agree with (arrow going up, otherwise “this”), you can still have the amazing people of piknikdubrovnik.com take care of everything: the cool thing to do in Dubrovnik for you will be eating and relaxing (and if you ask me, that’s what cool is all about).

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