Do I need to book?

Yes, reservations are mandatory as we are only here if we have games booked.

Please book (directly at the website or email or call us) at least 1 hr before the game.

Can we all play together, if we are a bigger group (6, 7 or 8 people)?

Our rooms are designed for a max of 5 people.
Sometimes we allow 6 or even 7 ppl inside, if they are first time players or have kids with them.
For enthusiasts, who played lots of room, we recommend teams of max 5.

If you are more people in the room, it might be a bit boring at times for some players, as there will not be that many things to do for everyone and it also it might be a bit too easy.

That being said, we don’t have a problem if you are a bigger group, but keep in mind the game design was made for 2-5 players, so you might not have the best possible experience.

Do you offer something special for birthdays, engagement or bachelor / stag parties?

Escape rooms are a cool idea for birthdays, bachelor and stag parties in Dubrovnik. They are a lot of fun, and great activities for team-building, bonding and just breaking the ice.

If you let us know in advance, we can even hide some presents in the room for your special person to discover.

What is an escape room?

Escape room is a real-life adventure game for all ages! Team up with friends and pit your wits against puzzles to finish your mission & escape the room within a 60 minute time- limit.

Get a briefing on the game, enter the room, listen as the lock fastens and start searching for clues. Physical condition and age do not matter in this game, it is teamwork, creativity & logic that counts. If it gets too hard, ask the game master to help with hints.

Why should I try an escape room experience?

It is a fun, unique and exciting experience to enjoy with your friends, colleagues or family!

You get 60 minutes inside a themed room where you have to be resourceful & creative in order to solve all the clues and puzzles.

The game can get challenging but will give you a great sense of achievement & encourage you to work together with your team to finish the mission!

How do I play an escape room?

Come to the escape room 5 minutes before your appointment to get briefed about your mission.

Please do not be late as you might have less time to enjoy the game. Once you understand the background of the story and the rules, you and your team have 1 hour to finish the mission. You have to solve numerous clues and puzzles on the way, so make sure you and your team members communicate and work together!

We don’t want to give you more info on how to play not to ruin the surprise, but be sure it’s one of the most exhilarating ways to spend an hour with your friends!

Do I need any previous knowledge or skills?

You need no special skills.

The escape room is suitable for anyone willing to have fun and keep an open mind!

In this game, physical condition & age are irrelevant but perception, logic & teamwork are key to a successful mission!

Do I need to be a Game Of Thrones fan to be able to play and solve the puzzles?

Although our room is inspired by the Game of Thrones series, you need absolutely no previous background in order to successfully finish the mission. All the clues are based on your (and your team’s) problem solving, creativity, and resourcefulness.

What is the minimum age to participate? Can I bring my kids?

The escape room is suitable for players aged 12 and up. You can bring younger kids with you, but they might find the puzzles too demanding and so not fully enjoy the game. Everyone is allowed with you in the room, as long as you keep an eye on them.

What is the minimum number of participants?

Rooms are made to accommodate for 2-5 players. In case you/your group is lacking people, let us know and we will try to group you with other player(s).

Can I take pictures in the escape room?

No picture taking or video recording is allowed in the room. We will make you a team photo, and share for free. Pictures are not allowed not to reveal any of the tricks, puzzles and solutions & thus spoiling the game for others.

Can you tailor the escape room for a special occasion?

Absolutely! We can custom make your experience for any special occasion: birthday, engagement, bachelor party… We can hide your gifts, together with the puzzles. You name it, we make it! Special prices do apply, depending on complexity.   Contact us for more details.

Can you organize corporate team building event?

Absolutely! We can organize team building activities, on and off-premise, for up to 10 people at a time. For bigger groups please send us a message. Special prices do apply, depending on complexity. Contact us for more details.

What is the easiest way to get to dubrovnik escape room?

The easiest way to travel around Dubrovnik, and thereby to get to Dubrovnik Escape Room, is by taxi (uber is much cheaper than the regular taxi) or by bus. The public transport system is very good, with a lot of busses connecting all neighbourhoods of the city.

FROM OLD TOWN- Take bus 2A, 5, 6 or 7 and get out on Kralja Tomislava street. Dubrovnik Escape Room is 120 m from the bus stop, inside DOC Dubrovnik shopping centre. Please take the stairs down in DOC, if you come from the main street.

If taking bus no 4, it will take you to Sunset Beach, 5 minute walk away from Dubrovnik Escape Room.  

*Download Dubrovnik bus map to see us on the map with detailed city bus lines.




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