A few weeks ago Toby, British escape room enthusiast, came to play our room. Him and his partner are professional escape room reviewers that played several dozens escape rooms all around the world. They manage a comprehensive review blog about escape rooms – EscapeTheReview.Co.Uk. 
Read there all about their escape room impressions – our Game of Thrones inspired room Save King’s Landing included!

Toby was playing our room as a mystery shopper, revealing his identity only at the end of the game. This way, he ensured getting a true and unbiased experience, being treated as any other customer. We were a bit nervous hearing at the end that he was actually here on a mission of his own. Nevertheless, we were thrilled to read his review – he loved our room, the story, the puzzles and the immersion! 

Dubrovnik’s first escape room draws on the city’s alter ego as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, and while you don’t need any knowledge of the TV series or books, fans will enjoy the references to events in those.”
“… exploring the room uncovered a gleeful profusion of knick-knacks and decorations that suggests it was built with great enthusiasm for the theme and also a happy lack of budget control. At the same time, it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the placement of each clue and decoration, with proximity or commonality of design being used for subtle hinting.”
“Puzzles tend to involve multiple steps in a way that delays the gratification of solving them, but which adds to the eventual pay-off, and which gives everything a clear sense of progression as it builds to the end. The underlying puzzle design is skilful enough that it’s seamless, which is how it should be; and moreover it’s executed with a flair and style that left me positively gleeful about some of the puzzles before I’d even got to them. If you’re in the area, this is a room worth going out of your way to play.”
Our Save King’s Landing room rated 4.5 /5 stars, which makes us really proud and happy. Our article was tagged as “memorable puzzles” which is the best compliment one enthusiast can give to another! Rooms by far bigger companies, with more resources, got the same rating as us, or even lower.  
We are happy to see experienced players appreciate the passion, creativity and hard work we put into building our puzzles. It’s exciting to know we have managed to create a fun, immersive and memorable escape room experience! It was a fun adventure for us, ultimately ending in living our dream, one happy team at a time!
If you are in Dubrovnik, and you love playing escape rooms, come and visit us!  Book your escape room adventure in King’s Landing!